How to Drive Conversion With a Beautiful Web Design?

How to Drive Conversion With a Beautiful Web Design?

What makes a website design beautiful and capable enough that it drives conversion easily? One with more colors or one with many catchy images and illustrations?  Well, the answer is ‘NO’ here!  Now wondering, Why?

Because the best website design is not only identified by the graphic design but catchy CTA, good content, signups for the email list, engaging layouts and respecting visitors privacy could be part of any website design that’s ready to get more conversion.

You also have to make sure your audience comprehends your brand in a positive light. This way, you increase the chances of visitors staying on your site and learning more about your business.

Do you know? Website visitors only spend only 50 milliseconds to make a first impression of the website design? 

Also, approximately 38% of people stop using the website when they find the layout and content unattractive.

Remember, a high converting website could be your eventual key to your success! 

If you are still confused about what is a good website design that can convert your prospects into your customers, this blog is for you! We will be sharing top website design tips that you must follow if you have a website or maybe are creating one to get better conversion and generate better ROI.

Tips on How to Drive Conversion with Web Design?

First of all, the best web design must have two things: 

  • Function: focuses on how your site performs and transforms. Mainly you have to ensure both the setup of the view perfectly by using the best web design practices. 
  • Form: concentrates on the feel and look of the website.

Let’s move to the basic tips!

Clear Value Proposition

Your website visitors don’t have so much time to go in-depth and detail about your site because they aren’t developers, right? People immediately want to know what your website is all about when they land on it. Even when they intentionally click on your site, they should have a good idea of what you are offering with just a glance.

The competition in the online business is so tough that you must come up with a powerful value proposition that people could relate to when they visit your site.

Captivating Layout

All the websites that convert have one thing in common: they use layouts that help the users to find the information very quickly and easily they are looking for. The layout includes animations, graphics, eye-catchy videos and images. Also, the use of attractive animations and color also work as key components.

Offer Easy to Use Navigation

Do you feel comfortable scrolling the website that is lagging every minute? No, right? So there is no chance that you expect the same from your customers. Keep your website order precise and clear. It is recommended to make sure that your site visitors are getting what they are looking for. Including a navigation bar with concise and clear classifications on the top of each website’s page will offer ease to users.

In Conclusion

A beautiful web design has colour, images, illustrations, CTA and easy navigation, while other things come secondary. The best thing one can do is test the different web design elements and see what works best for the visitors and users.

To be on the right track, when it comes to the web design that gets better conversion, you must have user/visitors’ feedback and actual data because it is way better than your gut feelings.

If you are still not sure about the role of web design in conversion, feel free to contact us! Fast Positioning is a one-stop web design and marketing solution for your business.

Interested in knowing more about how you can get more conversion with your site? Contact us now!

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