Tips to Turning Your Website into a Lead generating Powerhouse

Tips to Turning Your Website into a Lead generating Powerhouse

Nowadays, one can easily create a website, but can they make themselves a power machine of lead generation? Let’s find out in this blog how you can convert your website into a lead generating powerhouse.

Website is the centre of digital marketing activities and a key point for the business to start intersecting with the customers personally. A good website can make a great first impression on prospects. But could it help in generating leads?

Yes, of course, it can!

Most marketers nowadays struggle to generate leads from other crucial online channels like social media, but they are quite biased towards website lead generation. Also, you can’t stop yourself from working with the latest strategies and lead generation tools for your website in the dynamic business environment. Can you?

If your goal is to thrive and survive in the market and want to generate sales, leads and traffic, the simple website won’t help you much. 

Now, if you are wondering how to generate leads from your site? Keep on reading…

Tip#1 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to the Rescue!

If you are a marketer or even a website designer, you must know that Google changes its algorithm on an alternative basis. Unfortunately, many businesses take the mobile optimization of their website not so seriously.

You might be like: Are you kidding me? When more than half of the population uses their cell phones for their daily internet usage, why are they not using mobile interfaces? 

Well, the answer is still not yet known and sure. However, there is not only mobile optimization you should focus on. Optimizing voice search should be a priority as well. Also, to optimize your site, you must use long-tail keywords that are highly specific and focused. 

Key Tip: To optimize your website effectively, make sure you answer the most commonly asked questions about your products and services asked by the people.

Tip#2 Boost Your Website With Testimonials

Old but Gold! Testimonials are quite a powerful tool for lead generation and converting your prospects into clients. Case studies, reviews and testimonials add validation to your business and give customers the powerful reason to trust you, ultimately leading to conversion.

Tip#3 Have Web Page that Converts

Before moving to web designing, ensure you are testing out your all site pages to offer the best conversions. Many businesses build professional websites but fail to focus on conversational elements. However, it’s quite important to test out the different design layouts to check your site engagement, conversion and site bounce rate. 

Tip#4 Include a CTA Button On Your Home Page

To increase lead generation through your site, just try to add a Simple Call To Action (CTA) banner or button onto your main page/homepage or other pages to inform your visitors what to do next. CTA might be about a certain download, visiting a product page or going to the blog. CTA’s are a great way to generate more leads and get more website visitors to your website naturally without investing much in the website design.

Tip#5 Incorporate a Personalized Chatbot

Have you visited any shopping site and want to buy something from there, but suddenly you have some query that you want to ask the customer representatives. But the issue here is who is going to reply at 4 am? Though many businesses offer 24/7 services online, usually small scale businesses can’t do this with a minimum budget. 

That’s why Chatbots could be your saviour! They are AI-based and interact with the users 24/7 online. Chatbots also offer personalized experiences to the visitors and offer a quick solution to the customer’s queries by engaging customers in real-time solutions.

Interested in knowing how you can generate leads through a great web design? Let our experts at Fast Positioning know who are available 24/7 to help you out!

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