Why Storytelling Is a Game Changer in Web Designing?

Why Storytelling Is a Game Changer in Web Designing?

Stories and website designing? Can they relate by any means? 

You might be thinking that web design just requires a neat and beautiful design or amazing visuals, but you may be wrong here because a good story is what makes your web design compelling and captivating for the viewer. 

Just think of the last time when you visited your favourite brand’s website, did you see or read something which is still in your mind? If yes, this is the magic of storytelling you have experienced.


What is Storytelling?

Storytelling is a powerful tool for any business as it creates a human connection on a more personal level. Surely you can call your business website: a website that tells a story

There are many ways to include storytelling in your website design to make a deeper and emotional connection while making the information more memorable. This blog will explore how storytelling helps your website design stand out and how to incorporate storytelling into your business website. So without any further due, let’s get started!

How Storytelling is Beneficial In Web Designing?

There are many benefits of adding the element of storytelling in your website designing, but these three are the common ones:

  • It Helps You Narrates the Vision

Suppose you are selling sanitary napkins in the market, and your website is not even showing how you are creating an impact in the lives of women and how much value you have created already. What are your long term goals which mean your future plans? Who is going to understand your vision and buy your product? A simple and plain website can’t let your audience memorize your brand overall.

That’s why you need storytelling! There is no boundary to use a specific kind of storytelling for your business; instead, you can use a combination of these:

  • Visual storytelling by using visual elements like images and illustrations to reinforce your branding
  • Video storytelling by showing the high impact content to share your story in a more personalized way
  • Content storytelling by using copywriting and marketing skills
  • Design Storytelling- Usage of the website design elements such as animations and triggers
  • It Brings Emotions to the Design

Has it ever happened to you? You visited a website, and immediately after 2-3 seconds, you closed the site? Ever thought about why you did it? Because you did not find any personal connection with that website or emotional bond.

That’s why your design needs storytelling in any form like images, content or videos. In short, your website should be a centre of one to one communication between you and your customers.

  • It Entertains the Users

This aspect is really important. If your website design is not entertaining enough, there are fair chances visitors might leave the site after one glance. But, storytelling can make it entertaining enough to hook the audience with your site.

How to Use Storytelling in Your Web Designing

  • Identify Your Audience

If you want to make a compelling story, know your audience first. Understand your visitors to make an engaging story. For identification, you can examine different types of visitors like current clients, potential clients, employees and partners.

  • Create an Emotional and Personal Connection

First, consider your brand’s personality. Every brand has its tone and web design that match the site and brand. You can tell your web designer to use the combination of colours, images and animation to incorporate the story into your design. 

  • Define Your Messages

Your business web design is truly yours, and you can write a long paragraph or even a book but do your audience want to read that? You typically only have a few seconds to engage the visitors in which they want to learn about your brand. So why not use the storytelling skills and use the simple story based value-based proposition. 

  • Structure and Organize the Content 

Any good story is divided into 3 parts, including the beginning, middle and end. In terms of website designing, the content should be laid out on each page and guide your website visitors on your site. You should organize the content so your visitors can navigate your website easily and add a certain call to action to keep your visitors on the right track.

In the End…

Isn’t storytelling the master of all? Indeed, it is! If you are looking for storytelling in web design services, you can contact Fast Positioning because who doesn’t like to get more visitors and customers to their brand!!

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