CPA became Number 1 for Business Excellence services

Who want to be Number 1 ? Yes, we did, again.


Scope of work

Building the right fast positioning strategy for a CPA in order for the business to have zero competitors, mission accomplished.

A CPA asked us a positioning strategy to become the first and only Business Excellence CPA expert in his territory.

We’ve built the entire strategy and helped him to create live events in his territory, then we created the online presence and new niches consistent websites that gave him authority for Business Excellence services. Now his services are requested not only in his small territory, but also from Germany, Europe and from outside his Country.


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Do you want to position your business as the Number 1 in your industry or market niche?
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Try to explain who your main competitors are and what are your strengths (at least the 5 most important and highly differentiating ones) for which you want to become Number 1. In case you can’t be specific enough we can help you with a first and totally free support.

Latest winning projects

We work with big companies but we’ve a flexible structure that allows us to help even small and medium business owners and micro-businesses.
If you’re a start-up we suggest you to contact us with a well prepared lean canvas instead of the classic Business Model Canvas, thanks. We can provide full support for Lean Canvas or for your Business Model Canvas, so please feel free to write us for any complex or simple business request, it’s important for you to start from your positioning strategy and those canvas-related tools are the first step for you to better explain us your own vision and mission.

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